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The movement series is a combination of musicians, dance and sport. The paintings and drawings try to create the excitement, exuberance and vitality of the subjects performances. Much of this series verges on the abstract – a powerful way to show energy

Guitar Man. Acrylics and pastel on card. 100cm x 80cm

Guitar Man

The Band. Acylics on board. 100cm square

The Blues Band. Acrylics and Oilbar on canvas. 100cm x 100cm

Hip Hopper (Inverted Spin). Coloured pencils on paper. 50cm x 40cm

The Power of Dance. Coloured pencil on paper. 50cm x 40cm

The Drummer. Mixed media on board. 143cm x 143cm

Face-off. Mixed media on canvas board. 70cm x 50cm

Skaters (Dancing on Ice). Coloured pencils on paper. 75cm x 60cm

Street Dancers. Mixed media on paper. 60cm x 50cm

Duet. Coloured pencil on paper. 75cm x 75cm

Fertility Dance. Mixed media on canvas board. 85cm x 60cm

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