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My World

I’ve been creating my alternate world and strangely enough, it’s called, ‘My World’. So welcome to it.

My Worlders, the poster:- Every character has its own story. Below are two of them.

My World is in a galaxy far away, a long time ago. The creatures that inhabit that world are often very small. There are also a few that are verging on the gigantic. In fact, the variety of inhabitants is quite astounding but I shall endeavour to introduce you to just a few..

Below is the ‘Birdhead’, so named because it does not go anywhere without its head. In fact its feet are rabbit heads that he walks on as their fur is nice and soft and act like slippers. The scull head is his protector minder as he scares off predators with his spikey teeth.

Wolfmanjack – d.j.

This clever wolf-like character is a great calming influence on the inhabitants of My Worlders . It was actually made by the Master Creator to provide well-being and mental sustenance to the planet’s residents. It provides calming music for the stressed, disco rhythms for the twitchy, rock anthems for the rockers, and reggae for the skankers. The music emanates from its mouth and always starts with the signal of a howl to get the attention of all creatures. The music carries far and wide and has the ability to morph into whatever mood the subject wants. It comes in very handy at music festivals, especially when there is a full-moon. Unfortunately some of the more nasty inhabitants often put up a firewall to block the sounds, as they are quite content with the aggressive mood they are permanently in. I can’t help feeling that they are musically missing out. 

And now an intro to a totally different illustrated story in rhyme, about our world’s pollution, greed and multi-nationals:-

Alas Lord Muck

Painting entitled ‘The Glutton’

See the book in Flipbook format:-

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