The Dark Side

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The Gift
Cute, fluffy cat bringing its owner a gift. Oil painting on canvas pad. 50cm x 40cm

Snakes and Ladders

Another set of cute animals. This one is called, ‘Snakes and Ladders’ and is an oil and acrylic painting of canvas board, 60cm x 80cm

Black Lives Matter

My response to the killing of George Floyd. Mixed media on paper. 43cm x 39cm

The Glutton

An image from an illustrated poem I wrote about pollution, greed, the devastation of the countryside and all that jazz.

A Dark Knight in Gotham City

Two canvas panels, painted in mixed media. Each panel 122cm x 91cm. It shows Batman’s darkest fears relating to the murder of his parents when a child

Fertility Dance

Oil stick painting of a fertility dance on canvas panel 60cm x 80cm. These fertility dances go back into antiquity so I wanted to change it to modern imagery

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